Upcoming Events 2016
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Thursday, February 18th
Amici dell'Enotria
Past Events 2014-2015
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Friday, December 4
Lisbon By Night
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Tuesday, October 19
De Torren Vertical Tasting @ Boland’s Kitchen
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Tuesday, September 1
Dinner With Lammershoek Pinotage @ Boland’s Kitchen
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Tuesday, July 14
Cool Climate Wines Tasting
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Thursday, May 14
High End Tasting
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Tuesday, April 14
Sauvignon blanc tasting
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Thursday, March 19
Indian Dinner
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Thursday, February 5
The War Of The Wines @ The Columbus Centre
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Friday, December 6
Xmas Event @ TLTC


Welcome to The South African Wine Society (SAWS)

The South African Wine Society, now in its 20th year, is a non-profit wine tasting club focused on promoting knowledge about and access to South African wines in Canada. This is achieved by hosting informative wine tastings, relaxed social; dinners and providing members with an opportunity to savour wines which are readily available, as well as vintage collections from our carefully stocked cellar.

Why not join the Society and embark on a journey discovering the wines and foods of remarkable South Africa and its leading wine producing regions? Learn about our Wine Cellar – a hidden member benefit.

Upcoming Events

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Thursday, February 18th

War Of Wines (South Africa VS Italy)
Columbus Centre
Reception: 6:30 pm

The war of the wines is one. The battle lines are drawn. Italy VS South Africa. One night only. Thursday, February 18th.

Amici dell’Enotria and the South African Wine Society have combined forces to bring you a head to head competition of their respective blended wines made with Italianstyle grapes. You alone will be the judge of which gave you the most pleasure.

You might be surprised to know how many Italian varietals are grown and produce great wines in SA. Some producers are experimenting with a block or two of what had previously been regarded as rather ‘foreign' cultivars. Such recent introductions include barbera, sangiovese and nebbiolo .

Our next event is a comparison of wines from two countries with similar grape blends. We are interested in learning which country the particular wine comes from in a direct comparison. When tasting, “Do you believe this is from Italy or SA and which do you prefer?”

The wines will be served blind and in random order. Your palate, not your wallet or your heritage, will determine your preference. Oh the horror if your preference is an inexpensive Italian wine. Will you ever live it down?

Once the scores are in, we will have a buffet dinner that is intended to tantalize taste buds. A little more wine will be available with the dinner and dessert. Please join us for an event that promises to be great fun.

Antipasto: Assorted Italian deli meats; grilled zucchini, eggplant and peppers; green and black olives; crostini with assorted toppings olive tapenade, sundried tomato puree, artichoke; oven roasted Italian sausage with lentils; pizza squares; foccaccia bread; marinated mushrooms

Buffet dinner: Salad of mixed lettuces with balsamic vinaigrette; green bean salad with cherry tomato and red onions; penne with tomato sauce; cheese filled manicotti with cream sauce; roast braised veal au jus; grilled chicken breast with mushroom sauce.

The Wines

South Africa

Delheim Chenin Blanc 2014

Exudes a fresh green tinge, with stone fruit and grapefruit dominant on the nose enhanced with subtle savoury and oak nuances. The palate shows restraint with lengthy tannins and sweet fruit contributing to a lingering aftertaste.

Fairview The Goatfather 2013

Sangiovese/barbera/cabernet sauv/nebbiolo

Medium body, a generosity of fruit, subtle oak and soft tannins, nice long, dry aftertaste.

Bouchard Finlayson 2012

Sangiovese/pinot noir/nebbiolo/shiraz/barbera

Showing both power and finesse, it gives way to gentle flavours of black cherry, spice and strawberry.

Joostenberg Bakermat 2003

Merlot/cabernet sauvignon/shiraz

Bold and juicy with plenty of ripe, savoury, dark fruit & mocha flavours.



*We will make every effort to accommodate your food allergies or special dietary needs if requested.


 Thursday, February 18th, Reception @ 6:30 pm, Wine Tasting @ 7:00pm


Columbus Centre, 901 Lawrence Ave W (3 bus stops west of Dufferin).


$90 Guests
$80 Members

Closing date: Your booking or cancellation must be received by Friday, February 12th. You will be contacted if we are unable to accept your booking.

Your cheque payable to South African Wine Society or Visa credit card information will reserve your place. If we have your credit card information on file, you may book by e-mail to sawsinfo@rogers.com
* Visa charges will appear as Pushka Holdings.

To find more information about the event, including registration, follow this link.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Note: As a courtesy to other members, please refrain from wearing any scented products, including perfumes, colognes, after shaves or hand lotions.

What the South African Wine Society Offers

We hold 8 to 10 events per year made up of wine tastings and dinner with wine matching.

Recent events:

  • Differences between South African and Canadian Wines
  • Monday with Meerlus
  • Wine and Art
  • Steenberg Vineyards
  • Lanzerac vertical tasting
  • Port, Cheese & Chocolate including truffles & chocolate- dipped strawberries
  • Hidden Gems of the Cape
  • Take the Mystery out of Wine and Food Pairings

  • Humber College Gourmet Dinner (Joint event with the Body and Soul of Portugal Wine Society)
  • Lammershoek Dinner
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Braii - Annual BBQ

Event Photo Wine Glass

Event Info:

  • Events are located in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Excluding our annual Braii, events occur on weekdays, from 6:30 p m to 8:30 pm.
  • Features eight South African wines.
  • Is accompanied by dinner and/or appetizers
  • Allows you to try South African wines that are often not available at the provincially run liquor control board (LCBO).
  • Is led by an industry expert - a winemaker, a wine writer or other professional.
  • Is cost-friendly. As a non-profit organization, our aim is to allow you to try an extensive variety of high-quality wines at a reasonable price.

Event Photo of Man Holding Wine Glass

Special Wine Events:

  • Each year we offer two of special events.
  • In February, we have the Gourmet Dinner Event on the evening of Ontario's Family Day holiday..
  • In June, we spend a lovely afternoon at Mario's farm just 45 minutes outside Toronto. This event exposes you to a traditional African Braii (BBQ) which includes Lamb on the spit, Chicken kebabs, boerewors (sausage), Stywe pap (if you haven't tried it, now is the time!), biltong (a dried meat like jerky), and traditional South African milk tart.

To find out more information on our events you can contact us by email at: SAWSinfo@rogers.com

If you want information on becoming a member visit our Membership page or you can email
our membership coordinator at SAWS-membership@rogers.com.

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